Vic "Coach" Montgomery


Victor Montgomery III, MAEd., CMAC, RAS, is a skilled expert in Crisis Intervention and Addiction Therapy. A Vietnam Era Marine Corps veteran and former Crisis Intervention and Addiction Therapist for the National Veterans Suicide Crisis Hotline, at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Canandaigua, New York, he has worked with thousands of veterans and their families through crisis hotlines and outpatient clinics. He has a Master of Arts in Education degree from the University of Phoenix in Phoenix, Arizona, Graduate Studies in Clinical Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Summa cum Laude) from Vanguard University of Southern California in Costa Mesa, California, and received specialized training for Veteran Suicide Crisis Rescues. Vic is an ordained minister and served in Chaplain Services for 8 years.

Vic has counseled men and women in crisis for over thirty  years. He has recently retired from clinical practice and devotes his time to champion the causes, the psychological and soul wounds and mental health disabilities of the War Zone Veteran and their families. He makes himself available to speak and lecture at University and Colleges throughout the country and other events whenever possible.

Vic resides with his family in upstate New York. He and his wife Diane also have children and grandchildren residing in California, Texas, Colorado and Oregon. Vic and Diane can be found camping and kayaking in the Adirondacks and the Finger Lake Region of New York State.